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Trump: Time To Get To Work On Preventing School Shootings

At a "listening session" at the White House, President Trump vowed to make school safer in the Untied States after the Florida high school shooting

WASHINGTON, D.C --  President Trump says something will be done about deadly school shootings. 

Trump called a White House "listening session" after last week's massacre at a high school in south Florida.  He said it is time to get to work and highlighted stronger background checks and mental health issues.  He also suggested that teachers be trained to carry guns. 

Families affected by school shootings pleaded with the President to do something about gun violence.  One distraught father said he will never get to see his daughter again.  

Andrew Pollack's daughter Meadow was killed in last week's mass shooting.  Pollack said he's angry and demanded that the problem be fixed.  He asked, "How many schools, how many children have to get shot?"  Parkland, Florida high school student Samuel Zeif got emotional as he described losing a close friend.  He said students must be safe in schools. 

President Trump said something will be done about school shootings and he highlighted background checks and mental health issues.  Trump called gun violence in schools a horrible situation.  

Trump says teachers who are "adept at firearms" could be one solution to deadly school shootings.

Fighting back tears, Parkland student Julia Cordover said no one should ever have to go through such an experience again.  Melissa Blank, the mother of Parkland student Jonathan Blank, pleaded for "change."  Student Justin Gruber said teachers and students must be able to feel safe in schools. 

Gruber's father Cary called last week's massacre heartbreaking and said it must never be allowed to happen again.  Invitees include victims, parents and teachers who have been affected by school shootings dating back many years.  

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