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US Senate Approves Spending Deal Ending Government Shutdown

Sen. Todd Young commends Democrats who "didn't listen to their leadership from the outset."

WASHINGTON, D.C -- The three-day government shutdown may be coming to an end. 

A key procedural vote easily cleared a 60-vote threshold in the Senate today.  Next up, a final vote on a Republican proposal to extend government funding until February 8th. 

"I commend those Democrats who didn't listen to their leadership from the outset," said Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) after the vote. "I'm glad that sense has already been realized by 81 U.S. Senators and we are going to move forward."

Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly was one of those 81 Senators to support the plan in the procedural vote. The Senate then passed the measure sending it to the House of Representatives.

The deal became possible when Democrats accepted a commitment from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to take up immigration reform soon.  More specifically, deportation protections for Dreamers.

DACA had been a sticking point in the negotiation of a budget deal leading up to the shutdown. Democrats had insisted that long-term portections for DACA recipients be included in the next stopgap spending plan.

"It's an unrelated issue," Young said of the DACA discussions. "But we also need to provide legal certainty to those younger Americans who came here (illegally) at a young age."

A sentiment mirrored by many GOP lawmakers, who have said in recent weeks that they too would like to see a solution for DACA, but in order to see that happen, a budget must be passed.

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