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Walmart Announces New Employee Perk

A new Walmart benefit program allows employees to earn a college degree in business or supply-chain management for the price of $1 a day.

NATIONWIDE -- What if you could earn a college degree for $1 a day? If you work for Walmart or Sam's Club, you will soon be able to do just that.

More than a million Walmart and Sam's Club employees will be offered low-cost, online college education through the University of Florida, Brandman University or Bellevue University, Walmart announced Wednesday. The program will offer associate's and bachelor's degrees in business or supply-chain management.

To qualify for the low-cost tuition, employees must have worked for the company at least 90 days. Walmart will also cover the remaining cost of books, tuition and other fees. 

Walmart isn't the only major company offering college benefits. McDonald's recently expanded its three-year-old tuition assistance program.

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