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PODCAST: "A Salute To Service" - The Stories of Six Hoosier Veterans

You'll hear six Indiana veterans talk about why they decided to serve in the military, what they experienced and how it changed their lives.


They were motivated to serve for different reasons, and their service forever changed their lives.

93 WIBC honors Indiana's veterans with "A Salute to Service" radio special hosted by C.J. Miller.

Six Hoosier veterans share their stories of service and sacrifice for our country:

     ● Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb - U.S. Navy

     ● Ed Kerr of Shelbyville - U.S. Army

     ● Rusty Knight of Indianapolis - U.S. Navy

     ● Gina Napier of Greenwood - U.S. Army

     ● Greg Ballard, former Indianapolis Mayor - U.S. Marine Corps

     ● Jerry Harriman of Jennings County - U.S. Marine Corps

Each Hoosier veteran talks about why they decided to serve, what they experienced in the military, and how their service made them stronger.

"A Salute to Service" is a special presentation of 93 WIBC.

Producer: C.J. Miller


Photo Credit: Timothy A. Clary / Getty Images

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