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Candidates for Governor Campaigning Miles Apart from the Other

With time running out until Election Day, John Gregg and Eric Holcomb found their campaigns for governor just three miles apart Wednesday afternoon.

Democrats' statewide candidates began a 50-city bus tour last weekend for the campaign's final week. That brought Gregg and running mate Christina Hale to Good's Candy Shop in Anderson to rally about 150 supporters -- at the same time Holcomb and his running mate, Suzanne Crouch, were chatting with voters and volunteers at a Perkins restaurant down the road.

Gregg renewed his argument that Indiana wages are underperforming the national average, a gap he blames on Republicans he charges are interested in "ideologies, not ideas." Former Senator Evan Bayh, who's trying to reclai his old seat, casts the election as a choice between uniters on the Democratic side and Republicans he accuses of stoking divisions along racial, religious, and sexual orientation lines.

Holcomb's sticking to his main themes as well, casting the election as a choice between going forward with what he describes as successful Republican economic policy, or going "back to the debt and dysfunction" of Gregg's years as House speaker, under Democratic Governors Bayh and Frank O'Bannon.

Gregg carried Madison County by three points in 2012 against Mike Pence, but Republican Mitt Romney beat President Obama there by four poins in the same election. Holcomb says it's a swing county, and says he'll be reminding its labor-heavy population of the road and bridge projects begun by Pence and Republican predecessor Mitch Daniels over the last 12 years.

Gregg has 21 northern Indiana stops scheduled the next three days, ending with a City Market rally in Indianapolis on Saturday evening. Holcomb hasn't released a detailed schedule, but says he'll be in "perpetual motion."

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