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Congressman André Carson Condemns Trump Order, Praises Efforts to Stop It

Rep. Carson issued a statement Sunday after a federal court blocked the president's executive order.

PHOTO: Courtesy CNN Newswire

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The federal court order stopping Pres. Donald Trump's executive order on immigration was praised by Rep. André Carson (D-Ind.) Sunday.  Carson is the first Muslim on the House Permanent Select Committee in Intelligence.

Carson also condemned Trump's executive order.
“This weekend, President Trump’s Muslim ban went into effect. Masked by the words “extreme vetting” President Trump’s latest Executive Order halts the arrival of all refugees and blocks admission of immigrants, including permanent residents and those who have already been vetted and received visas for entry, from seven predominately Muslim countries.  This is the first step towards delivering on his bigoted campaign promise to keep Muslims out of our country,@ said Carson in a statement.
“President Trump and all Americans are right to be concerned about national security, but it’s unacceptable to stigmatize an entire religion out of fear.   


“I applaud the injunction against President Trump’s Executive Order and call on the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Protection to respect the ruling.  Congress will continue to debate immigration and national security, but now is not the time for prolonged partisan negotiations. Thousands of families are having their lives disrupted by this Executive Order and they need our help now. 


“I am preparing a letter to the Trump Administration to call for a reversal of this Executive Order.  My office has spoken with officials from Indianapolis’ Refugee Resettlement Agencies and I plan on continuing to work with them to ensure our city can offer a home for those seeking peace and safety.”


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