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Pence is Back: He's Making Stops for Trump Again-What He's Saying

Indiana's governor seems to still be solid as Trump's running mate

NEWTON, Iowa--The relationship between Gov. Mike Pence and his running mate Donald Trump still seems to be fairly solid, with Pence resuming campaign stops and rallies for Trump.

"I honestly believe a great day is coming on Nov. 8," said Pence to a crowd in Newton, Iowa Tuesday.

"I choose to stand with Donald Trump and every American who believes we can and we will make America great again."

As for Pence's speeches, they were more of what you've been hearing from him thus far in the campaign. There were criticisms of Hillary Clinton and her e-mails.

"That doesn't sound like politics, that sounds like obstruction," said Pence, following that with a criticism of the media, saying they are doing one half of Hillary Clinton's work for her.

"Now it appears, everything I've heard from him sounds like he's staying with the ticket. He doesn't have any intention of going anywhere," said Rachel Sutherland , with Fox News Radio. She acknowledged that this weekend was probably quite rough for Pence.

"Mike Pence is a very religious man and to be on a ticket with somebody who said those things, it can't be easy for him. He probably had a moment of pause."

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