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Pence Better Watch It, Says One Political Analyst

Donald Trump can be "vicious" once he thinks you're not on his side

WASHINGTON, D.C.--There's a reason some political analysts and pundits believe Gov. Mike Pence may want to tread carefully with Donald Trump. It has to do with speculation that he may be trying to get ready for his own presidential run.

While that may or may not be true, and whether Pence appears that way intentionally or unintentionally may not even matter. It has to do with Donald Trump's perception on the matter.

"Mike Pence stylistically is very different than Donald Trump," said Mustafa Tameez, a former consultant to the national Dept. of Homeland Security, who is now a political analyst. "Some say that he's trying to launch his presidential bid already and I'm sure Donald Trump doesn't appreciate that."

Tameez said that it is unusual for running mates to disagree on a key point of foreign police, like Russia, especially in a time when tensions are high between Russia and the U.S.

But beyond that, Trump may be particularly irked by Pence's superior performance in the debate and with the Republican establishment.

"If we've learned anything about Donald Trump, once he thinks that you're not omn his side, he can be awfully vicious and Mr. Pence better be careful."

Pence has made several statements of TV and in public appearances that he is most definitely sticking by his running mate, even if he does not condone Trump's comments made 11 years ago.

"I think that they're gonna kind of stick it together for the next 30 days, but I don't really see any kind of a strong friendship between the two of them," said Tameez.

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