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Pence Blames National Media in Talk Show Rounds

Indiana governor says Hillary Clinton's misdeeds are being ignored

WASHINGTON, D.C.--It's the media to blame for perpetuating the stories about Donald Trump and women who say he acted inappropriately with them, said Gov. Mike Pence, Friday as he made the morning talk show rounds. 

Pence appeared on the Today Show, CBS This Morning and Fox and Friends.

"The remarkable thing is, as the media goes chasing unsubstantiated allegations, coming from a newspaper that six months ago did a massive similar story that was utterly discredited, by the same reporters. But at the time that many in the national media are chasing after these unsubstantiated allegations it's remarkable to me they continue to literally ignore the hard evidence that's flowing out of Hillary Clinton's years as secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation," said Pence.

Pence also denied that he ever considered jumping ship on the Trump campaign.

"It's categorically false. My wife and I have thought through this invitation to run for vice-president of the United State, prayed through it, and we're in it to the finish."

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