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RFRA-Like Executive Order Could Be Coming From Pres. Trump Thursday

Reports say Trump's plan is to sign new religious freedom order


President Trump may issue an executive order on religious freedom Thursday, and activist groups on both sides are preparing for a fight.

Brigitte Amiri with the American Civil Liberties Union acknowledges it's unclear exactly what the executive order will contain -- but if it looks anything like a draft that was leaked three months ago, she says the A-C-L-U will go to court. The pro-gay rights Human Rights Campaign predicts lawsuits from several other groups will follow "very rapidly." 

The February draft gave people the right to exclude abortion and birth control from insurance coverage for religious reasons, and banned the I-R-S from treating comments on traditional marriage as political commentary that could justify a church's tax-exempt case. The Human Rights Campaign's Sarah Warbelow warns the changes could curtail same-sex partners' rights to adopt children or visit their spouses in a sickbed.

Curt Smith with the Indiana Family Institute says religious-run hospitals, shelters and other social services shouldn't have to go against church doctrine in areas like abortion in order to continue the rest of their mission. He says faith doesn't stop at the church or synagogue door, and contends after the fierce backlash over Indiana's religious freedom law in 2015, the pendulum is swinging back toward a belief that religious groups' rights have been "trampled."

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