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Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck Suffers Setback; Shut Down for Time Being

Colts GM Chris Ballard's primary interest is protecting his star QB

INDIANAPOLIS-Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck will stop throwing for the time being because of soreness in his surgically repaired right shoulder, according to Colts General Manager Chris Ballard. He had to have a cortisone injection in his surgically-repaired right shoulder. 

“(Luck) had some soreness in his shoulder that he’s been dealing with,” Ballard said Wednesday afternoon. “Every guy’s different, and the good news is Andrew is very in tune with his body and he’s being honest with what’s going on. That’s what we want — and that’s what we need.”

Luck, who underwent surgery in January, participated in practice for the first time in 2017 two weeks ago, and last week he faced a live defense for the first time this year, as he took “six or seven snaps” as the scout team quarterback in 7-on-7 drills, head coach Chuck Pagano said.

Luck, a three-time Pro Bowl selection entering his sixth NFL season in 2017, said last week that he could see a “finish line” in his rehab and recovery, but declined to “give any credence to any guess on to when that would be.”

Luck said his arm felt “like it’s still finding its way a little bit again.”

“So certain things feel better,” he continued. “It’s a process, and I’m still in that process of getting it to a point where it needs to be.”

Colts Coach Chuck Pagano commented on Luck's absence Wednesday saying, "Jacoby (Brissett) is here, our defense is here, the offense is here, and our focus is on Jacksonville and Jacksonville only. If Luck is back, he's back. Until that point, we have to focus on the task at hand and that involves getting ready for this game." 

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