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Dixon, Power Dig New Aeroscreen In Test At IMS

The two IndyCar drivers turned over 600 miles worth of laps with the new "aeroscreen" in safety test.

SPEEDWAY, Ind. -- Over 600 miles worth of laps were turned by IndyCar drivers Scott Dixon and Will Power yesterday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as they tested out a brand new windscreen prototype fitted on their cars.

The "aeroscreen", as it's called by Red Bull Racing Technologies, has been tested and tinkered with by IndyCar safety experts for the better part of the last year. It's a design similar to that of the halo which you see on Formula One cars. The difference is it has a plexiglass screen fitted around it like a windshield on your car.

Dixon, a five-time IndyCar champion, has been one of the drivers that has been part of the project since the beginning. He said it's certainly different.

"Ultimately, it's just very quiet," Dixon jokingly described. "I can hear my radio for a change. Normally I can't hear that so it's kind of nice. There's a lot less  load on the helmet too and visually there's no impairment."

2014 IndyCar champion Will Power turned laps in his Team Penske Chevy as well. 

"I'm so happy we have it," he said. "It's really the best of both worlds. You have the halo and the windscreen. I think pretty soon you'll be seeing other open wheel categories follow suit."

Power said he got used to it so quickly that he'd probably feel naked without the aeroscreen because there is so much protection from it. He added that he'd be able to race with it right away if they were to have a race this weekend. 

IndyCar president Jay Frye said this will be a "big step forward" in safety measures for IndyCar drivers. It's unclear if and when they plan to role out the the aeroscreen as a safety requirement on all Indycars moving forward. 

(PHOTO: Joe Skibinski/IndyCar)

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