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Head Coach Tom Allen Has Lofty Goals For Hoosiers

Allen expects to win a Big Ten championship, win a bowl game, and finish with a winning season in his tenure at IU

CHICAGO, IL -- New IU head football coach Tom Allen is eager to get moving with preparations for his first season at the helm of the Hoosiers. 

"We're going to bring our players in to report August 1st and start practice on the 2nd," Allen says. "To prepare for the biggest home opener in the history of Indiana University football."

Allen referring to the Hoosiers' season opener at Memorial Stadium in Bloomington against Ohio State August 31st.

He says he is motivating his team with three numbers: 50, 26, and 10. 50 referring to the number of years it has been IU has won a Big Ten football championship. 26 being the number of years since the Hoosiers have won a bowl game, and 10 representing how many years it has been since Indiana has had a winning football season.

"We're going to accomplish all three of those, I told our team," Allen continued. "If you don't believe that then you need to leave. I told my coach staff that too, because I want a coaching staff and a football team that believes."

He also took the time to again thank the Indiana University administration for promoting him from defensive coordinator to head coach earlier this year, after the man who hired him, Kevin Wilson, abruptly resigned.

Allen stresses that the upcoming game against the Buckeyes is not about "Allen vs. Wilson", but "the Indiana Hoosiers against the Ohio State Buckeyes". This is because after he left Indiana, Wilson was quickly offered a job on Urban Meyer's staff at Ohio State. 

"The media is going to make a big deal about him being there and me being here," Allen added. "But it's way bigger than that. It's not about me or the coaches, it's about players making plays. I'm excited about our team and how hard they're working."

In Kevin Wilson's final year as head coach of the Hoosiers they went 6-7 but fielded one of the top defenses in the Big Ten which was led by Allen as defensive coordinator. Indiana and Ohio State kick off at 8:00pm ET on Thursday, August 31st in Bloomington to open the season.


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