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Purdue And Notre Dame Expand Football Rivalry Over Next Ten Years

Meetings between the two have been sparse ever since Notre Dame's agreement with the ACC to join the conference in all sports but football

Purdue and Notre Dame were expected to play each other only four times over the next decade, but the two schools have decided that that would not be enough.

Today, both schools say they have agreed to expand their rivalry to six games through the next ten seasons. 

“Having been on the other side of the series some years ago, I am familiar with the history and tradition of the Purdue-Notre Dame matchup," said Purdue athletic director and Notre Dame-grad Mike Bobinski.

"Sellout crowds, national television, two outstanding universities in close proximity and intensely competitive games. I am excited that the series will resume and know our fans will be, as well.”

Future Purdue-Notre Dame Schedule:

Sept. 18, 2021 at Notre Dame

Sept. 14, 2024 at Purdue

Sept. 20, 2025 at Notre Dame

Sept. 26, 2026 at Purdue

Sept. 4, 2027 at Notre Dame

Sept. 23, 2028 at Purdue

The rivalry has been scaled back over the last few years, mostly because of Notre Dame joining the Atlantic Coast Conference in all sports except football.

In 2014, Notre Dame had to leave the old-Big East Conference in all sports but football, due in part to the "Catholic 7" basketball schools breaking away from the conference. Instead of joining the reformed and renamed American Athletic Conference, made up of old-Big East football schools, the Fighting Irish opted to join the ACC in all sports but football. 

The ACC agreed to let Notre Dame keep it's independent status in football and fully join in all other sports, only under the condition the Fighting Irish would schedule at least five ACC opponents every year in football. As a result of this agreement, many prominent Notre Dame rivalries have taken a hit such as the Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, and Stanford rivalries.

Purdue and Notre Dame have not played each other since a 2014 game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Notre Dame won that game 30-14.  

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