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Soldiers and Sailors Monument Now a National Historic Landmark

Monument celebrates approval, 10 years after application was submitted

115 years after it was dedicated, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument is an official National Historic Landmark.

Indianapolis won historic status in 1994 for the War Memorials District, encompassing the American Legion Mall and the Indiana World War Memorial. But it stopped short of Monument Circle. The War Memorials Commission sent a new application in 2007. 10 years and three presidents later, it's been approved.

Landmark status shields the monument from development that might intrude on the Circle. Indiana War Memorials Commission executive director Stewart Goodwin says it's also a reminder of the lives the monument was built to memorialize. He notes it was America's first monument to the common soldier -- the Tomb of the Unknowns wasn't built until 19 years later.

(Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

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