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Abdul on IMPD Suspensions- "Splitting The Baby"


Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Bryan Roach said today the fatal shooting of Aaron Bailey was not justified and the two officers responsible should be fired. 

Roach immediately suspended the Officers Carlton Howard and Michal Dinnsen, and he recommended to the Merit Board that they should be fired.

Abdul joins the show to weigh in on the suspensions.

“What I think is taking place is like King Solomon splitting the baby…all sides are being placated. The pro-police people are happy because the officers won’t be charged, but people who were upset won’t see those officers on the police force anymore.”

A press release from the IMPD below-

The IMPD administrative report said the officers failed to apply their training regarding high-risk traffic stops. The officers could have taken other "reasonable options," the report said, even though Bailey did not follow their orders.

"We will only use deadly force when necessary to protect the life of a citizen or officer and when other options are not reasonably available," the IMPD press release said.

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