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Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns Joins Hammer & Nigel

Photo Credit- Michael Hickey


Ball State has a new man in charge. Geoffrey Mearns became the 17th President of Ball State in May 2017. We’re lucky enough to have President Mearns in studio to talk about Ball State’s new slogan, the upcoming basketball season and everything happening in Muncie.

Currently, Ball State currently has a reputation as a bit of a party school. President Mearns says the university is ready to move on from that reputation. 

“One of the things we are moving beyond is having that past reputation as a party school… while we certainly recognize the value of extracurricular activities, we’re really proud of what happens on our campus every day.”

On other college campuses across the country, an emphasis has been placed on politics inside classroom. We get President Mearns’ comments on that cultural shift and what his opinion on injecting politics into the classroom.

“We believe it’s our responsibility to not engage in that kind of political debate. We know some of those political discussions have a tendency to divide our country and not necessarily bring us together… We have enduring values that aren’t Republican or Democratic. These are values that bring us together.”

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