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Should GOP Be Worried After Election Results? w/ Tony Katz

Photo Credit- Ron Jenkins

After a night of elections we’re joined by the one and only Tony Katz to dissect everything that occurred.

Democrats had a big night after capturing governorships in Virginia and New Jersey. We ask Tony whether this is a big deal for Democrats.

“A win is a win. They have reason to be excited. They’ve been dealing with losses since this day a year ago… You’ve got to break these two victories up… New Jersey was expected. No one was surprised that the Democrats took that governorship. The Virginia race was ugly… The Republican party brand in Virginia is awful. Ed Gillespie didn’t embrace Trump, could that have been a problem? It’s something to remember down the line.”

Voter turnout was key during these races. With a senate race coming up right here in Indiana, we ask Tony what Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly, or someone running against him can take away from the polls in Virginia and New Jersey.

“For the depressed democratic party, they had a lot of turnout and that should matter. 33% of voters came out to vote against Donald Trump… If you’re getting someone excited to come out to vote against Trump that may change how you run for office. Does Donnelly play moderate Joe or does he attack?”

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