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GARRISON: O.J. Nullification Verdict Revisited

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Most of us can still remember that awful day in LA when OJ Simpson got by with murder—well two of them actually—as jury nullification aficionados danced in the streets of the US.  He had beheaded two innocent people, one of whom was his wife and the mother of his children, but a “jury of his peersdecided the facts and the horror were less important than the faux exoneration of the barbaric celebrity, no matter the facts and the evil deeds done.

It’s happened again, as the repeatedly deported illegal alien (count them, five times) who murdered Kate Steinle in San Francisco got a pass from another wack job jury panel.  He killed her, wiped out her precious life, got caught, admitted he did it, then put the state to its proof.  The jury walked him yesterday.  No, seriously, he’s a free man on the murder charges, now only having to face another revolving door deportation process that has so far been incapable of keeping the murderous bastard out of our country.It has been my honor to try many cases to heartland juries over the period of 45 years that I have been a lawyer, and while once in a while we’ve seen some pretty interesting verdicts, in the vast majority of cases the jury was the smartest person in the room.  But in the rarified environments of LA and San Francisco the horrors of entire populations that care not for the rule of law or the proper administration of justice demonstrate to us that even in a society founded upon respect for the law there are those far more interested in their own political and social agendas than in doing what is right. 

So what’s up with all that?  Well we need look no further than the headlines all over the country to see that, while the horrible miscarriage that is the acquittal of Jose Garcia Zarate haunts people of conscience, the illogic of it and the awful result are becoming more the norm all the time.  It seems abominations of all kinds are not just tolerated but are increasingly foisted on us all by the media as preferred conduct.  Wholesale disregard for immigration laws and the now-perpetually open flood gates at our borders are just fine with media, intellitgentia, elites and of course, at the base of it all, Leftists who hate everything they know about the American experiment. 

Professed and enforced fealty by those folk for Muslim terrorists, God hating atheists and the Republic in general is now to be expected, and no doubt in the not-so-hallowed halls of socialist enclaves the evil cheers of liberals are echoing loudly over the blood of Kate and the barbarity of Jose.   

Much is yet to be done and even more written about this collapse of morality, rule of law and common sense, but suffice it to say that what we have witnessed in the inexplicable acquittal of this murderous and vicious man—much like the racially motivated “not guilty” verdict for OJ—bespeaks a collapse and even the beginning of a disintegration of morality at its most basic and fundamental level. 

No daughter, son, spouse or friend is safe in a place where wanton misconduct is tolerated and even venerated has become commonplace.  Know this much, my friends, that so long as the tide of lawlessness encouraged and perpetrated by the Left keeps up, the blood of the innocents will continue to stain the face and the bosom of the Republic.  

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