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US Senate Passes Tax Reform; Indiana Senators Split Vote

Todd Young Calls Bill a Win for the Middle Class; Joe Donnelly Says Middle Class Will See Higher Taxes

(photo courtesy: WIBC file)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Your Indiana Senators were split on the newly passed tax reform bill.

The bill passed by a 51-49 vote early Saturday morning. Republican Senator Todd Young voted in favor of the GOP-backed bill. "This is a big win for Hoosiers," Young said in a statement. "Not only did we repeal the oppressive individual mandate tax of Obamacare, but we acted on tax reform for the first time in 30 years that will ensure Hoosiers have a code that is fairer, that is simpler, and that allows them to keep more of what they earn."

Meanwhile, Senator Joe Donnelly voted against the bill. He says "Here’s the bottom line: I opposed Mitch McConnell’s bill because it is not tax reform, it’s a partisan tax hike on Indiana’s middle class, it does nothing to prevent outsourcing of US jobs to foreign countries, and it’s a giveaway to Wall Street and other big money interests.”

The House of Representatives approved their own version of tax reform last month and the two chambers will likely go to conference to come up with a final version. 

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