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Meridian St. Is Closing THERE?

Upcoming street closure is a potential traffic nightmare for Indy commuters.

We were really cooking for a minute there. The remaining two south side ramps and the Capitol Ave. Bridge over Fall Creek kicked open in the last couple of weeks, making for some very happy Hoosier commuters.

But on Friday, Citizens Energy announced that Meridian St. would close at 28th St. in both directions on January 2nd, 2018 until November 2018 for infrastructure work.  It’s all part of DigIndy, a tunnel project that promises to clean up our waterways and eliminate billions of gallons of overflow by the year 2025.

Great, but what does the closure do to your downtown commute?  Well, it’s probably going to make it worse. If you’re coming from the north – or say Meridian Hills – you’ll see detour signs at W. 30th St., marking the start of your reroute. From the south - or downtown - your detour will begin at (gulp) Fall Creek Pkwy. N Dr, turning this well-traveled cooridor into more of a meat grinder than it already is.  Check the map:

Notice another blip on the right side?  That’s the Central Ave. bridge over Fall Creek, a bridge that’s rehabbing and won’t open until November of 2018!

Here’s what downtown commuters will run into during their first commute of 2018:

  • Meridian St. at 28th St. CLOSED
  • Central Ave. Bridge over Fall Creek CLOSED
  • MORE traffic on Fall Creek Pkwy. N Dr.
  • And MORE traffic on 30th St.

How bad can it be, right?

More on this before the closure. 


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