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Sheriff: Noblesville Man Killed Parents, Then Himself

Gunman's sister witnessed first shooting; two children heard gunfire while fleeing with her

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. - The deaths of three people in Noblesville on Christmas Day are now confirmed to be a murder-suicide.

Hamilton County Sheriff Mark Bowen says 48-year-old Todd Moon shot his mother Joyce to death in front of his sister, then killed their father Donald and himself as his sister fled the home with Moon's eight-year-old twins.

Moon had custody of the children after a divorce and was living with his parents. Bowen says an angry Moon called his sister on Christmas and asked her to come pick up the kids. He says investigators still have no idea what the argument was about, other than a suggestion Moon may have hit his mother, and may never know. He says Moon had no criminal history, and there's no record of prior police runs to the home.

Bowen says Joyce Moon emerged from a back bedroom after the sister arrived, and Todd Moon immediately flew into a rage again and opened fire.

The sheriff says the children were in the back of the house and didn't see the shooting, but likely heard the gunfire. Moon's sister told deputies she gathered them up and was fleeing the house when she heard more gunshots, a pause, and a final shot. That corresponds with the autopsy results on Donald and Todd Moon.

Hamilton County Sheriff Mark Bowen (left) with Coroner John Chalfin (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)

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