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Katz: 'Never Trumpers' Need to Stay in 2017

New York Times' Bret Stephens: "I'm a Conservative, but I still wish Hillary Clinton were President."

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Journalist and self-declared conservative Bret Stephens penned a painfully biased and tone deaf op-ed in Sunday's edition of the New York Times, arguing his case for why he remains a 'never Trumper' and wishes Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election.

WIBC host Tony Katz explains why Stephens' article is such a painful read.


He goes about admitting all the things that Trump has done in the first paragraph: tax cuts, deregulation, more for the military, less for the United Nations, the Islamic State crushed in its heartland, Assad hit with cruise missiles, troops to Afghanistan, arms for Ukraine, a tougher approach to North Korea, Jerusalem recognized as Israel’s capital, the Iran deal decertified, Title IX kangaroo courts on campus condemned, 'yes' to Keystone, 'no' to Paris, Wall Street roaring and consumer confidence high. 

...[Stephens continues] What, for a conservative, is there to dislike about this policy record as the Trump administration rounds out its first year in office? That’s the question I keep hearing from old friends on the right who voted with misgiving for Donald Trump last year and now find reasons to like him. I admit it gives me pause. I agree with every one of the policy decisions mentioned above. But I still wish Hillary Clinton were president.

[Stephens] then goes on to make the point that the character of Donald Trump is wholly unacceptable. 

...And what I would say to Brett Stephens is that 2018 is the year the 'never Trumper' must end; 2018 is the year the 'never Trumper' must grow up; 2018 is the year the 'never Trumper' has to stop bothering me. 

But the idea of the 'never Trumper' is one based on a false theory, and it is the theory that they somehow are more informed on what constitutes moral authority than you or I.

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