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Tony Katz On FOX News: Budget, DACA and Tax Cuts

Host Tony Katz spoke with Molly Line of FOX News about the upcoming budget deadline and the real issues of 2018

WIBC host Tony Katz joined Molly Line of FOX News to discuss the latest budget negotiations, and where Republicans or Democrats were going to get a long term deal.

From the clip:

Regarding sequester, which President Trump brought up in the State of the Union. We have planes that are unable to fly...we have a Navy that has an issue with training. These things have to be dealt with. But (the Freedom Caucus) is saying "...we can't go about half way doing a military in a world of constant threats. We have to be consistent, and we have to be that much better than the rest. Not just a little bit, that much."

Tony also explained that while Democrats may talk big on the budget, their real Achilles' heel is the tax cuts, which no Democrats voted for.

Watch below!

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