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KATZ: Indy Must Push Against Sanctuary City Policies

After the death of Colts player Edwin Jackson, Indy must push its elected officials to stand tall against sanctuary city-like policies

(PHOTO: Brett Carlsen/Getty Images/RTV6)

The death of Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson is a wake-up call for Indy, America and the sanctuary city "do-gooders." Jackson, and Uber driver Jeff Monroe were killed by Manuel Orrego-Savala, who used a fake name, Alex Cabrera Gonsales, when he was arrested.

He is originally from Guatemala, and was deported in 2007 and 2009.

Those who support sanctuary cities and their policies think they are kind, caring and loving. But the results of their policies are anything but. In Indianapolis, too much of the city's leadership believes in the idea of looking good (supporting sanctuary city policies) instead of doing good (supporting the law.)

WIBC host Tony Katz asks what is the value of a policy that looks the other way on law breakers and actively eliminates standards? "

Sanctuary city-like policies are wrong. Sanctuary cities are wrong. We are Indianapolis, not California. And we're better off being less like them.
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