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What's an Emotional Support Animal? Legislators Vote to Set Standards

Doctor's note would require apartments to rent to you, but bill would crack down on fly-by-night certifications-for-hire

(INDIANAPOLIS) - A bill headed for Governor Holcomb would distinguish between people who genuinely need emotional support animals and fakers who just want to get around no-pets rules. 

The Senate has given final approval to a bill requiring apartments to let you bring your pet if a doctor certifies you have a medical or psychological need. But the bill also disallows certification from doctors who have made an entire practice of churning out those notes for a fee. 

And trying to get around the law, whether by forging a note or decking out your dog in a vest in hopes no one will ask too many questions, could get you a fine of up to 10-thousand dollars.

Oldenburg Republican Jean Leising, who authored the bill, says it protects both people who need emotional support animals and apartment owners. She says legislators heard from one landlord whose tenant insisted on being allowed to bring in two cats and 10 rats.

(Photo: Alfredas Piladis/Xinhua via Getty Images)

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