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Sen. Young: Supporting the Tariffs, But Also Protecting Hoosier Businesses

Young says he supports holding some of our trading partners accountable, but also doesn't want to see prices go up for you.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--What you pay for products that contain or use aluminum and steel could go up if Pres. Trump puts tariffs in place on imported metals and products. Sen. Todd Young said Thursday he supports protecting American jobs, but also doesn't want to see Hoosiers have to pay more.

"The President is right to address unfair trade practices, but I am hopeful that the measures imposed will be balanced and implement a targeted approach that reflects the degree to which individual countries have violated international rules and thereby protect essential global supply chains with key U.S. allies," said Young.

In essence, he supports the tariffs, but only to the extent that they do not cause prices to go way up.

"I think it's highly appropriate that we hold China accountable for unfair trading practices," he said. "Indiana is a major producer of steel. We are also a major consumer. So, we have a lot of workers that depend on both producing the steel and assembling the manufactured goods.

So, the price hikes that could result from the tariffs could also affect what Hoosier businesses pay for the steel and aluminum that goes into their products.

Young met with the president last month to discuss the tariffs. He's encouraged by the possibility that Canada and Mexico, two of our biggest trading partners, could be exempted from the president's plan.

"Exempting certain countries makes a lot of sense," he said.

"I've also emphasized to the president we want to make sure these tariff rates are modulated because every Hoosier is a consumer of things that include either steel or aluminum."

Young said if it comes down to supporting the president or supporting the common good for Hoosiers, he will advocate for Indiana.

"I don't serve this president. I serve the people of Indiana. So, I'm always willing to advocate for policies that benefit Hoosiers, whenever I believe it's right, based on my conversations with rank and file Hoosiers," said Young.

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