Consider This with Big Joe Clark


Consider This with Big Joe Clark

Saturdays 6am – 7am

Consider this with Big Joe Clark is exactly as it sounds; Things you need to consider about your financial situation. This show is not about weekly headlines but rather focuses on decisions that may not appear urgent today yet are very important to your future. They are things you must consider! The show has aired in Central Indiana the last 20 years and Joe has served as an Adjunct Professor for Purdue University in Lafayette for 7 years teaching the capstone course for the financial planning degree. This show is purely educational with notable incites that should be considered as you deal with your current financial situation.

Joe is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and has been on major media including CNBC, Fox Business and major written publications including the Wall Street Journal. He serves on the board for Ed Slott’s Master Elite IRA Group.

Joe is the managing partner for the Financial Enhancement Group based in Indiana with offices in Fishers, Anderson, Lafayette and Sonoma County California. The Financial Enhancement Group LLC manages more than $250 million in assets for families in 20+ states. They are fully independent, transparent and focus on financial planning throughout the asset management process. The Financial Enhancement Group takes care of people who don’t want to worry about their money.

The Financial Enhancement Group can be reached at 317-489-3030 or 800-928-4001. Joe can also be reached at

The Financial Enhancement Group is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm.

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