Republican mayoral candidate Jim Merritt.

Merritt Talks Downtown Mayhem

Republican Mayoral candidate Jim Merritt says the Saturday night shooting in Downtown Indianapolis that injured six people is a symptom of the Hogsett administration’s failure to tackle crime in the city.

WIBC reports that six people were shot Saturday night and police are looking for someone they believe fired shots down the street at the intersection of Maryland and Illinois streets about 11:20 p.m.

All six people were taken to the hospital. Two were critical and two were in serious condition. The other two were less seriously hurt.

IMPD detectives say they are talking to the victims to find out why the person was shooting and who the suspect may be.  They believe a juvenile did the shooting.

Merritt says citizens and visitors to Indy should not have to feel unsafe on Indianapolis streets.

Click Here for Merritt’s comments.

Photo:  Abdul



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