Nov 16, 2005; Charlotte, NC, USA; SCOT POLLARD of Indiana and KEVIN BURLESON of Charlotte during the Indiana Pacers.

Kansas Vs. Kansas State Brawl: Former Indiana Pacer Scot Pollard Weighs In

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A massive brawl broke out between Kansas and Kansas State toward the end of their game Tuesday – a fight that former Indiana Pacer and former Kansas Jayhawk Scot Pollard told the Hammer and Nigel show was an embarrassment.

“Are they unlivable mistakes, no,” Pollard said, “but those are the kind of things that are going to haunt people.”

The chaos started when Kansas State guard DaJuan Gordon was blocked and Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa stood over him barking. Players from both benches ran onto the floor as the clock ran out.

Seconds earlier, De Sousa was stripped by Gordon near midcourt and Gordon tried to go in for a layup when his shot was rejected. De Sousa confidently walked over to Gordon and stood over him as he lay on the floor, triggering the benches to clear.

At one point, De Sousa picked up a stool and held it above his head, looking like he was about to swing it at a Kansas State player before assistant coach Jerrance Howard grabbed it from him.

Both coaching staffs and arena security separated the teams. Officials summoned the players back from their locker rooms and put one-tenth of a second back on the clock as Kansas State shot free throws to a chorus of boos from the few thousand fans still in the arena.

Pollard told Hammer and Nigel the incident was bad for both schools’ image.

“People on social media are talking about how teams used to fight all the time in the past,” said Pollard. “That’s true, but you didn’t have a ton of cameras around back then to capture every single moment like there is now; there weren’t rules like there are now; there wasn’t money involved like there is now – especially at the college level where they’re talking about players getting paid. With the money involved, these games are national television all the time now, but that wasn’t the case 20-30 years ago.”

He continued: “So the game has changed, the rules have changed, and you’re holding yourself to a much higher standard than in the past. You don’t get to act like everybody else – all your other classmates. You don’t get to react, you don’t get to go out to bars and act like a jackass. Why? Because you get to wear that jersey on weekdays and be on national tv. So you don’t get to do the same things that your classmates get to do. It’s an honor and a privilege to play for one of those teams, and it’s embarrassing when players forget that.”

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