Orange Cones Sit Upon a Freeway. Traffic in Indianapolis is going to be hell this weekend.

LISTEN: H&N Exclusive – “Pure Construction”


(sportpoint/Getty Images)

Traffic has been pure hell in the city of Indianapolis, and WIBC host Nigel is fed up. The result, according to co-host Jason Hammer is that our friend Nige is edging ever closer to going full-blown Michael Douglas in “Falling Down” over it. 


Bad news, Nigel! Things are about to get even WORSE!

WIBC Traffic Beast Matt Bair throws a truckload of fuel on our friend, Nigel’s traffic dumpster fire with more construction scheduled to commence on the southeast side beginning tonight.  Fortunately, Hammer is helping to calm drivers’ nerves with an all-new Hammer and Nigel exclusive: “Pure Construction.”

Click below to check it out!!


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