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Indy Councilor Says Shapiro’s Feeds Nazis

Indianapolis City-County Councilor Zach Adamson posted on Facebook that Shapiro’s Deli in downtown is “bragging” that they “feed Nazis” after owner, Brian Shapiro, posted a welcome message to NRA members attending the NRA Convention taking place in the city.

Shapiro’s Deli posted the tweet Thursday night, along with photos of then-candidate Donald Trump campaigning in the days before the Indiana primary in 2016. President Trump won the state of Indiana, and Sen. Ted Cruz ended his presidential campaign, assuring Trump the nomination.


Councilor Adamson then reposted the tweet on his Facebook page with the status, “This breaks my heart. Truly.”

Screenshot of Zach Adamson post

Commenters took to the post to agree and disagree, with some people telling Adamson that he was discriminating against a company for who they serve. During the Religious Freedom Restoration Act fight under then-Governor Pence in 2015, shop owners and restaurants placed decals in their shop windows stating, “Indy Serves All.”

On Adamson’s post, commenters then made mention of the religion of Shapiro’s owner, Brian Shapiro, who is Jewish. One comment insinuated that Shapiro is feeding Nazis. It stated, in part, “The Shapiro family is Jewish. By showing they welcome the NRA & trump they are saying they are okay with oppression of the marginalized people that trumps base hate. Including Jews….It’s almost as if Brian Shapiro forgot about his family heritage by encouraging a group of people who identify as anti-Semite to dine at his establishment.”

When another commenter stated that, “feeding Nazis for a price isn’t supporting the Nazi cause,” Councilor Adamson posted, “This is about bragging that you feed Nazis and then being shocked with all the locals avoid you…”

Screenshot of Zach Adamson post


Brian Shapiro, the owner of Shapiro’s, called into the show to respond to Councilor Adamson’s comments. 

“I’m just confused by his comment that he’s upset with us. I just don’t understand… If Indianapolis doesn’t want Donald Trump here, then I guess they can pass a law that stops him from coming here, but the other side of the coin is it’s going to bring the city $32 million… At the end of the day, the governemnt is suppossed to improve people’s lives by making people’s business better and growing the economy. Obviously, the councilman is upset.” 


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