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Rob Kendall is the producer for Chicks on the Right and guest host on WIBC. He was a member of the Brownsburg Town Council from 2012-2015. He also served as Director of the Indiana Board of Pharmacy and worked under Indiana State Auditor Suzanne Crouch.

The Rob Kendall Show has your recap of the week's big stories of politics, government, and pop culture.

Rob Kendall Show
In 2014, Indiana passed “criminal reform” which lawmakers claimed was designed to ensure prisons were reserved for...
Rob Kendall Show
The latest on allegations against Brian Bosma. Plus, a farewell to the Brett Kavanaugh disgrace, a Fishers...
Rob Kendall Show
Todd Young and his refusal to take on Democrats is all that is wrong with government. Plus, Susan Collins nails...
Rob Kendall Show
A whole show dedicated to the disgraceful treatment of Brett Kavanaugh and the impact whether or not he gets...
Rob Kendall Show
Rob takes Mike Braun and his terrible campaign to task. The GOP should be completely ashamed of themselves for...