brian baker"Now more than ever, America desperately needs a radio program to foster more resentment and division between political adversaries." -Brian Baker

Brian Baker is a native born Hoosier who just returned to the city of Indianapolis after a 15 year stint in Los Angeles as an actor, stuntman, writer, producer, broadcaster, and often unemployed "wannabe" who clawed his way to the top of the entertainment industry multiple times... and promptly fell flat on his face multiple times.

Brian - or as he's more familiarly known "who the hell is Brian?" - returned to the Midwest with his wife, daughter, dog, and what was left of his dignity in 2017. 

During the week, Brian writes and produces the daily "Overheard" segments on Tony Katz Today, and under the moniker "The C-Team", hosts the opening to the WIBC Mashup with Rob Kendall.

"The Breakdown" is a direct, fun, satirical, tongue-in-cheek, and surprisingly emotional expression of Brian's views on politics, pop-culture, the economy and fatherhood. Just listen; you'll get it eventually.