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Trump Nickname Madness

It's March. And although basketball is great, the things that Donald Trump says just seems a little bit better. Jump on this bandwagon and vote for your favorite Trump nickname.

It's March. 

And although Hammer & Big Nige love their basketball, they love the things that come out of Trump's mouth a whole lot more. 

It's no secret that the 'ol Trumpster likes to use special nicknames to criticize foreign leaders, media figures and his fellow politicians - and so why not have a lil fun with it? I mean, have you seen such aliterations like "Sloppy Steve" or "Cryin' Chuck"? 

trump saying wrong

Forget that regular old office pool you play, we're taking you to a whole different level with this political bracket challenge:


This is your time to shine. Vote for your favorite nickname President Trump gave these fine young folks, and make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to know when the next round is open for voting! You're going to want to see the Championship round in person.


trump nickname madness

trump nickname madness round 2

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