Young girl using nail file to file down teeth.
Photo: Screenshot of a user on TikTok 'filing' her teeth.

The Latest Trend on TikTok is to Fix Your Teeth With a Nail File

File your teeth- all the cool kids are doing it!

The latest viral social media trend is making dentists all around cringe in horror. Social Media Influencers on TikTok are showing fans videos of them filing their own teeth down to appear more straight or smooth. The worst part? THEY’RE SOBER.

We completely get it, with one too many, a dumb beauty hack may seem appealing. However, this goes beyond just an embarrassing moment in life that will some day be a “funny story.” No, these kids won’t even be able to tell the story after their teeth fall out or better yet get grinded all the way down.

Dentists are warning people that using a nail file (shockingly) is terrible for your teeth. Loss of enamel and exposing nerves easily lead to root canals and crowns. So those users who are filing to ‘save some money’ are going to have to not only pay money to get their teeth fixed, but pay the price of forever being an idiot on the internet.

But hey, that’s what social media is for right?


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