AOC and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy went at it on Twitter on Tuesday night.

AOC Goes After Barstool Sports’ Founder Over Anti-Unions Tweet

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Donald Trump Jr. have had their fair share of Twitter fights. 

But AOC, Donald Trump Jr., and…Dave Portnoy? What a world we live in. 

The Barstool Sports founder and president made it clear on Tuesday night that he is NOT OK with his workers unionizing. 

Pretty cut and dry. 

AOC saw it, and decided to fire back.  

This combination truly is the 4th of July of Twitter. Fireworks everywhere any time either of them tweet anything. But like previously stated, this wasn’t just a battle between Barstool and AOC. 

Oh no. 

What would a Twitter argument with AOC be without…one of the Donald Trumps.  

Barstool Sports has taken a lot of heat over the past year and a half about supposedly being all things AOC would hate – white frat boys. 

The internet is a minefield of explosive arguments waiting to happen. When you add in a U.S. Representative, POTUS’ son, and a controversial public figure there is bound to be detonation.

President Trump may not have been involved in this particular Twitter war, but it’s safe to say he definitely inspired this tweet from Portnoy. 

A response from President Trump would probably look something like this: 

“Exactly right! Dave Portnoy (El Pres as I like to call him) is a close and personal friend and a GREAT business mind. All he does is WIN! Ms. O’CRAZIO will never bring our presidents (true champions) down. GO PRES GO!” 

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