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"Man Up" This Movember

It’s that time of year again, where the men in the world put down their razors, put down their shaving cream, and let their beards grow wild and free.

And although it may seem like an extra layer to stay warm in the cooler air, or a way to look “rough and tough,” it has a bigger purpose that needs attention, and it’s time for men to "man up."

The month of Movember has been dubbed Men’s Health Awareness month, and for good reason. According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. In fact, it’s so common that one in seven men will be diagnosed during their lifetime. That’s a lot. But if it’s caught early, there’s a 96% survival rate over 15 years – which means many years of grizzly beards to come!

All it takes is awareness and getting tested. But for some reason some men think there's no need for that, don't want to spend the money, or simply have other things in mind than go and get checked out. 

Take Hammer and Nigel for instance. They'd rather do these things than go to the doctor

  1. Listen to Russell Brand's "comedy" for an entire week
  2. Sit through a Nickeback concert where the opening act is the Spice Girls
  3. Walk into the restroom after "Big Joe" Staysniak after Thanksgiving dinner
  4. Drink an entire case of Pabst Blue Ribbon
  5. Watch the Titanic on repeat all weekend long

But Hammer and Nigel still end up going. Why? Because Franciscan Health offers the best of both worlds: an event where you can show off your beards to a bunch of other beard-bearing men, get screened for free AND drink FREE BEER! 

On Saturday, November 18th Franciscan Health, along with Hammer and Tony Katz from 93.1 WIBC, "Big Joe" Staysniak and JMV from 107.5 and 1070 The Fan will be at MashCraft Brewing Company in Greenwood from 12-4pm for an afternoon full of health education, screenings, food, sports and fun! 

Every person who participates in the screenings will get a free growler, and the first 100 will get a gift card to MashCraft to fill it up! The first 200 onsite at the tailgate will get a $10 LIDS gift card! And if you happen to show up with a really cool beard, you could win a cash prize from Hammer & Nigel!

So men, if you’re ready to “man up” and take on this challenge, come on out to the Movember Tailgate Party and take charge of your health…one beard at a time!

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